Photo of the day August 27

Our Summer Contest has come to an end. I want to thank BJ Sloan of Buffalo Center Drive-In for his sponsorship of this contest. It’s hard to believe that 11 years ago, the Mystery Photo Contest started and Buffalo Center Drive-In has been on board with the Delta News Web this whole time. Thank you again to BJ for helping to make this contest a great success.

Next, I want to thank the community of Fort Greely/Delta for playing along. You made this one of the most enjoyable contests so far. Most weeks there were 35+ entries and a couple of weeks we had 60+. To clarify how a winner is drawn each week: as entries come in I put them in a spreadsheet and they are in columns with a number and letter. On Sunday night, I call a family member who has no idea who has put names in each week and they give me a number. I go to that number in my spreadsheet and that is how the winner is selected.

Here is a list of the winners this summer: Nathaniel McNabb, Julie Szidloski, Christie Mason,Zahndra Lester, LJ Woodcox, Heather Boothe, Addison Ohart, Joyce McCombs, Wanda Morden, Trudy Castle, Carolyn Gortmaker, Amber Klein, Marshall Brown, Gary Cooper,  This week’s winner: Isaac Ruse

Once again, thank you so much for playing along and next summer we will return with Buffalo Center Drive In and have another contest.