Koahnic Broadcast Corporation Introduces INDIGEFI

(ANCHORAGE, ALASKA) Koahnic Broadcast Corporation introduces “INDIGEFI” as the new name for its leading national public radio program, “Earthsongs.” Beginning Aug. 13, “INDIGEFI” will continue “Earthsongs’” tradition of discovering and airing modern music through its weekly program.

Introduced nearly 20 years ago, “Earthsongs” has grown from an Anchorage, Alaska-based local program aired on KNBA 90.3 FM to national syndication serving audiences across the country. The program is revered for its ability to share the untold stories of Indigenous artists and has filled the need and growing interest in this genre.

For the last five years, Koahnic has advanced its digital capacity with capital and program investments to introduce Indigenous music to younger audiences. “Earthsongs” is a part of this transformation. When Koahnic asked the public about the impact of a change, Koahnic CEO Jaclyn Sallee (Iñupiaq) says, “We confirmed our belief that a change is needed to reflect where the program is today, which has grown from an Anchorage based station offering to a nationally syndicated program aired on 65 stations.”

“INDIGEFI” Host and Producer Alexis Sallee (Iñupiaq/ Mexican American) took the helm of “Earthsongs” in May 2014. Alexis has steered the show to reach new audiences and pioneered special productions such as “Iñupiaq Drum and Dance: A Cultural Renaissance,” which garnered a 2017 First Place Native American Media Award.

“INDIGEFI” will continue to offer a weekly show to stations, presenting a variety of music woven together to create a sense of the Native musical spectrum. Alexis welcomes modern Native musicians to share their music and create a unique listening experience. The highlight of each program is an artist interview with a featured musician. These interviews explore the unique Indigenous background and passions that inform the artist’s work.

Art Hughes, Koahnic’s executive producer and manager of national programs, notes, “The ‘INDIGEFI’ program continues our tradition of sharing the best in contemporary Indigenous music to public radio audiences nationwide. The ‘INDIGEFI’ name reflects our focus on reaching out to new listeners and embracing new formats and digital distribution.”

“I’m excited to take this Indigenous media platform to a new level with INDIGEFI,” says Alexis. “While supporting artists who are honoring the past and setting trends for the future, we are inviting audiences who are looking to connect with creative and compelling new forms.”

“INDIGEFI” is distributed weekly by Native Voice One and can be heard on radio stations across the country and streaming on NV1.org and TheRIVR.net.

About Koahnic Broadcast Corporation and Native Voice One

Koahnic Broadcast Corporation (KBC) is a nonprofit, Alaska Native governed and operated media center located in Anchorage, Alaska. Founded in 1992, the mission of Koahnic is to be the leader in bringing Native voices to Alaska and the nation. Koahnic operates KNBA 90.3 FM, the only urban Native owned public radio station in the nation. Koahnic’s national programming includes the award-winning programs “National Native News,” “Native America Calling” and “INDIGEFI”. The programs are distributed by Koahnic’s NV1 (Native Voice One), the Native public radio distribution network, linking over 450 stations across the country to Native radio programming. For more information on KBC, visit knba.org.

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