Alaska’s Oil Drilling Industry Goes Green As Quadco Inks Exclusive Deal with Hemp, Inc. for Hemp Drilling Product

Is the gas and oil drilling industry going green? It is in Alaska, as Quadco, LLC is positioned to bring Hemp, Inc.’s proprietary natural products for the oil and gas well drilling industries to market in the state of Alaska.

North Carolina-based Hemp, Inc.,/ a global leader in the industrial hemp industry, with the largest multi-purpose industrial hemp processing facility in the western hemisphere, recently announced that the company entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Quadco, LLC for its Loss Circulation Material (LCM) product  in the state of Alaska.

In Alaska, the oil industry accounts for about one-half of the overall economy when the spending of state revenues from oil production is considered, according to the UAA Institute of Social and Economic Research. With full service districts in both Anchorage and Prudhoe Bay, Quadco is well equipped to provide a multitude of drilling, completion and intervention products and services to all of the onshore and offshore fields in Alaska.

Learn how hemp is being used in products that service the oil and drilling industries by speaking with a Hemp, Inc. executive today.

About Loss Circulation Material (LCM)

In oil or gas well drilling, loss circulation occurs when drilling fluid, known commonly as “mud,”flows into one or more geological formations instead of returning up the annulus. Loss circulation can be a serious problem during the drilling of an oil well or gas well.

All types of materials are used to stop fluid loss in the drill-hole as it leaks out into cracks, fissures, sand, salt and other porous formations. LCM is a term for substances added to drilling fluids when drilling fluids are being lost to the formations downhole. The DrillWall LCM product works faster to plug the leaks and is cost competitive with most LCM materials. It is non-toxic to the workers and it works with any type of drilling fluid.

Cassandra Dowell/PR Account Manager