Project Christmas – Love in Action – Your help is needed

During this Advent Season we are waiting. But while we wait, we want to follow what Jesus told us, considering others as gifts from God for us to care for. One way to do that is to contribute to Project Christmas here in Delta Junction, Alaska. We need your help.

Project Christmas makes boxes of food and gifts (for children 18 and under) available to families that are nominated by someone and referred by their pastor. The forms were sent to area churches and must be turned in by December 18. (If your church did not receive a referral form, please let us know by leaving a message at 895-4322.) The individuals/families identified on the referred list will be called to let them know there is a box waiting for them to pick up at the Delta Presbyterian – Faith Lutheran Church. See your pastor if you have any questions. If you are nominating someone with no transportation, offer a ride to pick up the box on one of the distribution days (December 22, 4-7pm and December 23, 3-5pm).

Project Christmas is made possible by the donations of people like you and community-minded businesses like yours. Project Christmas is forward-funded. To donate money to Project Christmas, you may put money into the donation cans at various businesses; or you may go to Mt. McKinley Bank and ask them to deposit your donation into the Project Christmas savings account. Project Christmas is not (yet) a 501(c)(3) tax deductible entity, so if you want to deduct your donation on your tax return, you must donate to your 501(c)(3) church and have the church make a donation to Project Christmas.

The members of Delta Presbyterian – Faith Lutheran Church (PO Box 884) and Seventh Day Adventist Church (PO Box 1276) sponsor Project Christmas in Delta Junction.

Thank you and